All About You

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At God's era we always give thanks! We have a Father who just so happens to be God! A good God that we can trust. You do too! And if you have not accepted Him as your Father, you can today He will love and accept you as His own. You’re choice. He is awesome though!

It all started when...

Our ancestors Adam and Eve fell into a trap called sin. Thinking they would be enlightened, instead the nature of man was darkened. God, who is love, immediately thought of you and created a plan to save you from the would be eternal separation from Him--from eternal life.

That plan consisted of a FREE gift: your personal savior Jesus, the son of God! The only acceptable sacrifice that was necessary to bring you back to your heavenly Father. Sounds like a movie right? The best news is the gift of salvation is FREE! 

Are you ready? -----

All you have to do to accept this FREE gift of salvation is accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

1.  Believe in your heart that he died for your sins.

2.  Believe in your heart that He rose again from the dead, and He also will raise you up after death.

3.  Ask Him to come into your heart. Confess out loud that He is your Lord and savior.

If you've done that,  you have received your FREE gift of salvation! Welcome to the kingdom of light!!!!!! In this life your gift includes:  a daily personal guide:  the Holy Spirit-who will be your best friend and lead you to and through your God given destiny,  forgiveness, heavenly knowledge, wisdom and understanding, grace, authority, healing, deliverance, provision, love, power, a sound mind.... protection, comfort, inspiration, motivation, hope, restoration. Really, the list can go on.