GOD THOUGT ABOUT god’s era first

Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

I am a child of the Most High God.

The story began one day a long time ago when I asked my heavenly Father to work for Him.  I simply asked God to use me.  I sincerely petitioned to Him.  Everything else being offered to me seemed too certain; I wanted an adventure. 

Time passed and He showed me a snippet of my work I'd asked for and I became afraid.  Funny right?  He answered my prayer and I was afraid. 

He reminded me I could trust Him and began to prove it!

A lot of back and forth went on for years:  God being there—me walking away.   God calling me— me not answering.   God teaching me—  me refusing to learn.  God showing me the beauty of His thoughts for me and offering to be my life's guide—  me lacking courage to accept what He’s freely giving…..  me lacking courage to follow Him.

I gave up running away from Him;  it profits me nothing.
I just walk now, daily.
With Him; same direction.
I love Him.
I trust God;  He got me.
I know it.
So, here I am.  Here is God's era
His project.


Founded in Massachusetts, USA